Besides our Outreach and our Congregational Care and Stewardship ministries, Community of Faith has ministries that we support in various ways. Several are “cyclical” in nature. Foremost among these are our four special mission offerings to the Presbyterian Church in the USA (PCUSA) causes, which are taken up quarterly.  A portion of some of these offerings may be designated by the church for local mission purposes.

One Great Hour of Sharing

The One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering is taken during the Lenten (spring) season in the year. It is used for three types of ministry (sub-programs), called Presbyterian Disaster Relief, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and the Self Development of People. More people give to this offering than any of the other special offerings during the year in the PCUSA.

Pentecost Offering

The Pentecost Offering is taken during the season on Pentecost, following Easter (also spring) It is dedicated to funding ministry and programming for children and youth. 40% of the offering is retained by the congregation, to be designated for use in local programs for at-risk children.


The Peacemaking (Peace and Global Witness) offering and ministry is used to promote peace and justice throughout the world. The offering is taken in September and October (fall). Congregations, such as COF, retain 25% of this offering to address issues related to the theme in their local community.

Christmas Joy Offering

The Christmas Joy offering is received during the Advent Season (winter) just prior to Christmas. Its purpose is to provide support to retired church workers, especially those who have limited funds to draw on in retirement. An additional use for the offering is to provide scholarships to students to attend traditional racial-ethnic colleges and universities.

Another offering, which several of our church members regularly contribute to, is Presbyterian Disaster Relief. This agency, also called Disaster Response and Development, sends resources and teams of volunteers to assist in disaster recovery from natural disasters, such as storms, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis, in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more about Presbyterian Disaster Relief by CLICKING HERE.

One other local organization that we have contributed to, from time to time, is The Center for Great Neighborhoods. It is likely that our church will be doing more in the neighborhoods close to the church, Some of these projects may be done in cooperation with the CGN. See the types of projects that they are doing by CLICKING HERE.