CLASP’s Mission: CLASP is committed to providing a high-quality non-denominational faith-based after school program in a clean, safe caring environment for Ludlow (KY) students in grades K-6. 

Established in 1998 by two members of the First Presbyterian Church in Ludlow, a partnership was formed later with the First Presbyterian Church in Covington, and later with Lakeside Presbyterian Church, and Crescent Springs Presbyterian Church, in Ludlow to form CLASP– Covington-Ludlow After School Program. CLASP is still in operation today, some 18 years later. CLASP was housed in the Ludlow church until after the merger with First Presbyterian church, Covington, which then became Community of Faith Presbyterian Church; after the Ludlow building was sold, CLASP moved to the First Baptist church in Ludlow.

CLASP has a part-time paid staff of three experienced professionals and relies largely on volunteers to make the program happen. It has served between 25 and 35 students, with as many as 6 children on scholarships, over the years. Each day, during the school year, children are provided with a snack, a Bible story, help with homework, quiet time, and active time.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer and donations are always welcome! CLASP is a 501c(3) organization, so your donations are tax deductible!

Anyone wishing to make a donation may contact Community of Faith or mail to CLASP, Inc., PO Box 16273, Ludlow, KY, 41016.